Journaling as a child

Interest in journaling began when I was 10 years old. Those days I called it as diary writing and it has become part of my daily activities. I used to pour my heart out. As I grew up my style of writing has changed. A few years ago I learned that this act of writing is actually named as journaling. Born in a country where English is not the native language, journaling has helped me to get better in my English.

Most importantly I have a track of what happened in my life these years. My whole life is being recorded! But with its limits. I keep a lot of journals: personal planner which is also a journal to me, church journal, bible study journals, work journal, kids journal, recipe journal etc.

This link shows my 2021 journal and planner.

This link will take you to a tour to my 2021 journal cum planner set up.

I journal almost everyday. I do use a lot of embellishments and inserts in my journals and planners. Most of those are from my online shop: annjoycreates. I have a big story to share about how I started my shop. I shall get onto it shortly. You can see my Etsy shop here:

Bible journaling envelopes

An envelope full of journaling essentials! Stickers, journaling cards, big word cards, bookmark, paper clips, sticker sheet, ephemera, ribbons, Laces, other patterned sheets etc

Charms from old earrings

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc comes with beautiful charms. I buy these inexpensive jewelleries and dismantle it carefully to use all those charms in my crafts. Charms from earrings are used to make paper clips, bookmark hangings,

Bible journaling

The best way to remember what we read is to write it down. We keep seeing these written words and then it will be going directly to our memory. Use of stickers, tags, note cards etc will enhance the beauty of the words we read. Find a massive range of bible journaling kits in our Etsy shop.

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